Frequently Asked Questions

What is GroupESQ?
GroupESQ is an online platform that allows companies to sell products and services risk free to large groups of attorneys.

How Does It Work?
Companies wishing to sell to attorneys create custom deals which are then offered to attorneys. Each deal is open for a set period of time determined by the company. During the pendency of the deal, buyers submit purchase orders but are not charged. At the end of the deal, if there are a sufficient number of buyers as required by the terms of the deal, then everyone gets the deal. If there are an insufficient number of buyers, the deal is off and no one is charged.

Who Handles The Financial Transaction?
We do. GroupESQ is a PayPal certified website. We take care of all credit card transactions. When a deal closes successfully, we send payment to the selling company within 3 days along with a list of the buyers and their contact information.

How Do Buyers Receive What They Purchase?
When a deal goes through, buyers can access their account on our website and download a credit voucher, which we create, for use with the selling company. The selling company will receive a list of all buyers so that they can match the credit vouchers against the list of buyers. In some cases, buyers will receive a coupon code that can be used for online services if the selling company prefers this method.

How Are the Terms of Each Deal Decided?
The participating companies decide what they want to sell, the price they want to charge and the minimum number of buyers they want. Our team offers guidance in creating an attractive deal, but ultimately the companies make the final decision on the terms of their deals.

How Is GroupESQ Different From Standard Marketing?
  1. In standard marketing, companies pay upfront for advertising and hope that it attracts paying clients. Wth GroupESQ, we guarantee paying clients or our service is completely free.
  2. In standard marketing, companies must acquire buyers one at a time. With GroupESQ, companies can efficiently and easily offer volume pricing for whatever number of buyers they want, be it 5 to 100.
  3. In standard marketing, companies have a difficult time calculating their return on investment (ROI) and never know for certain how well their advertising dollars are being spent. With GroupESQ, companies can pre-determine how much they want to spend to acquire new buyers, set their deals accordingly and have the luxury of knowing that if their deal does not go through on their exact terms, they pay nothing.
  4. In standard marketing, companies pay large sums for exposure. With GroupESQ, we guarantee your company will receive exposure to thousands and thousands of attorneys whether your deal goes through or not.

How Does GroupESQ Spread The Word About The Deals?
  1. GroupESQ is the sister site of LawLink, the first social network for attorneys, with over 7,500 attorneys nationwide and close to 100,000 visitors per month. All companies featured on GroupESQ receive a free banner ad on LawLink. In addition, all GroupESQ deals are featured on LawLink.
  2. Attorneys who are interested in a deal will spread the word about your company to their colleagues using our social media tools.

How Much Does It Cost?
We charge a small negotiable commission per buyer but only if the deal goes through on the specified terms. If the deal does not go through, there is no charge.

How Do I Get Started?
If you would like to feature your company on GroupESQ, use the form here.

Company Information
GroupESQ was founded by attorney Steven Choi who has been an attorney for over 26 years. GroupESQ is the sister site of LawLink, the first social network exclusively for the legal community.

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