Frequently Asked Questions

What is GroupESQ?
GroupESQ is an online platform that allows companies to sell products and services to large groups of attorneys.

How long has GroupESQ been around?
GroupESQ launched its service in May 2010.

What is the idea behind GroupESQ?
Companies like selling to large groups of buyers and are willing to offer volume pricing to avoid high marketing and advertising expenses. Simply put, 25 attorneys will get a better deal than 1 attorney if they buy together as a group.

How Does It Work?
Companies wishing to sell products or services to attorneys create custom deals which are then offered to attorneys. If you see a deal you like, submit a purchase order. Your credit card will not be charged unless and until the deal closes with the required minimum number of buyers. If the deal closes successfully, you receive a credit voucher for immediate use. If the deal is unsuccessful, you are not charged.

Can I Cancel My Purchase?
You can cancel your purchase anytime BEFORE the deal closes. Once a deal closes, your purchase is final.

What If the Company Goes Bankrupt Before I Use My Credit?
If you are unable to redeem your credit because the company you made the purchase from is no longer in business or refuses to honor your credit, we will refund your purchase price.

How Are the Terms of Each Deal Arrived At?
We work with each company to custom design a deal that will be attractive to large groups of attorneys.

Are the Terms of Each Deal Clearly Displayed?
Yes. All terms are listed on the deal page. Always look for these terms:
  • The item you are purchasing.
  • Purchase price.
  • The required number of buyers.
  • The closing date, which is the date the deal closes.
  • Whether your credit voucher is transferrable.
  • Whether you can buy more than one credit voucher.
  • The expiration date of the credit voucher.
  • Whether you have to be a new client to make the purchase.

Note: General terms that apply to all deals are set forth in the Terms of Use.

Is My Purchase Safe?
Very. Your transaction is secured by Thawte using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which encrypts the transmission of your credit card data using 128 bit encryption. Our website is PayPal certified and all credit card processing is handled by PayPal. During the pendency of a deal, your credit card information is encrypted on our server. We do not store or retain your credit card information after a deal closes.

How Do I Receive My Credit Voucher?
The day after your deal closes, you are notified of the results. If your deal closed successfully, your credit voucher will appear in your online account for immediate download and use. If your deal was unsuccessful, then there is no voucher and you are not charged.

In cases involving online services, you will receive via email an online code that you can use directly from the seller. You will receive this code within 3 days of the closing, but you can expedite receipt by contacting the seller who will have your information.

How Do I Use My Credit Voucher?
Just like cash. You can submit your credit voucher when making payment.

Does My Credit Voucher Ever Expire?
Every deal is different. Most will have an expiration date which is always listed on the deal page.

Can I Transfer My Credit Voucher to Another Person?
It depends on the company making the offer. Some allow you to transfer your voucher, some do not. Whether or not your voucher can be transferred will always be listed on the deal page.

Company Information
GroupESQ was founded by attorney Steven Choi who has been an attorney for over 26 years. GroupESQ is the sister site of LawLink, the first social network exclusively for the legal community.

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Lake Merritt Plaza
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