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The Deal
For $49 you receive 100 calls answered by a Total Attorneys' live receptionist trained to handle law firm calls. This is a $98 value.
Basic Details
  • Calls Answered 24/7 by Live Person.
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Must Be A New Client.

  • Total Attorneys
    Contact Information
    Chelsey Lambert
    25 East Washington
    Chicago, IL 60602
    (312) 753-6947
    Email | Website
    About This Deal
    For $49 you receive 100 calls answered by a live receptionist who has been specifically trained to handle law firm calls.  The regular price is $99 for 100 calls.

    Unlike traditional answering services,
    Total Attorneys bases their pricing on call blocks.  That means that there are no monthly minimum fees, no per minute fees, and no expiration dates.  Total Attorneys will answer 100 calls for $49 whether that takes one week, one month or one year.  There are NO other charges!

    We’re there when you need us, and there’s no charge when you don’t.

    7 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Try our service for 7 days.  If you are not completely satisfied, Total Attorneys will refund your $49 no questions asked.

    How Our Service Works

    Putting Your Service On:  When you're ready to turn our answering service on, you simply forward your calls to our office just like you do with a traditional answering service.

    Getting Your Messages:  As soon as we finish answering your call, we email you the contents of the message. 

    Forwarding Calls:  At your request, we will forward calls to your cell phone or other phone and patch you through to the caller.  For example, if you want us to forward all new clients, we can do that. 

    Total Attorneys Specialize In Answering Law Firm Calls
    Every receptionist on the Total Attorneys team is thoroughly trained specifically to handle law firm calls. That means our receptionists:
    • Are familiar with the language of your legal practice.
    • Understand your clients’ and prospective clients’ sense of urgency.
    • Know the boundaries and won’t stray into the unauthorized practice of law.

    About The Company
    Total Attorneys  is a technology-enabled service provider dedicated to assisting with every aspect of small and solo law firm practice management, growth and development.  Our goal is simple:  to help attorneys build successful law practices, better serve their clients and make more money while maintaining balance in their lives.  The cutting edge use of technology and the Internet make our services highly accessible, easily integrated and adaptable.
    Today, more than 1,500 solo practitioners and small law firm attorneys rely on Total Attorneys to help manage their practices. Most do not have the resources to launch an extensive online marketing campaign, manage a call center or develop custom software, although they have a pressing need for these critical services. Total Attorneys bridges the gap by providing the talent, tools and technology to help attorneys manage their offices, grow their businesses, collaborate with peers and still have time for their personal lives.

    Total Attorneys Management Team


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