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Aug 13, 2010
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The Deal
For $35, Same Day Attorney Service will serve your legal papers (except restraining orders) anywhere in Oakland, CA.
Basic Details
  • You Must Be A New Client.
  • Does Not Include Restraining Orders.
  • Does Not Include Notary Work.

  • Same Day Attorney Service
    Contact Information
    Michael Bauch
    725 Washington Street
    Oakland, CA 94607
    (510) 444-1441
    Email | Website
    About This Deal
    For a $35 flat fee, Same Day Attorney Service will serve your legal documents anywhere in Oakland, CA.  *Note: This does not include restraining orders.

    Deal Terms

    1.  You must be a new client.

    2.  This does not include the service of any type of restraining order.

    3.  This is standard service, not rush service.

    4.  This does not include any notary work.

    About The Company
    Owner Michael Bauch started serving papers in 1975 and founded Same Day Attorney Service in 1984. He has built his business stressing two important principles – no mistakes and excellent customer service.

    Based on keen knowledge of the specific requirements for proper service as the rules vary from county to county, state to state, to the federal courts, Same Day Attorney Service has never made a bad service. The office staff communicates clearly and promptly, and proofs of service are meticulously prepared. Holding to these values, Same Day Attorney Service proudly counts thousands of distinguished attorneys as its clients, locally, statewide and nationwide.

    Same Day Attorney Service has a network of affiliates to handle jobs in all parts of the United States.

    Same Day Attorney service provides:

    • Process Serving – ALL Types of Legal Documents
    • RUSH – SAME DAY and ROUTINE service available
    • Court Filing
    • Document Retrieval From Court
    • Criminal Research
    • Court Research
    • Notary Public and Mobile Notary
    • Stakeouts
    • Enforcement of Judgments


    "Our firm has assigned services to "Same Day" for over 20 years, all over California, and they have always performed with efficiency and speed. They are a pleasure to work with."
    --Andrew Gillin, partner,
    Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis & Larsen

    "Same Day Attorney Service" has been my process server for many years and always gets the job
    done. I recommend them highly."
    --Joseph Schieffer, partner,
    Stark, Wells, Rahl, Schwartz & Schieffer, LLP


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