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The Deal
For $5, you receive a $40 credit that can be used when you order a paperless PDF-ASCII transcript. In addition, Barkley will plant a tree in your honor. See details below.
Basic Details
  • Paperless PDF Transcript Only.
  • Never Ordered Our Paperless Transcript Before.
  • See Locations Below.

  • Barkley Court Reporters
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    Leah Oblinger
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    About This Deal
    For $5, you will receive an $40 credit that can be used when you order a paperless PDF/ASCII  transcript through our GreenTranscript program.  In addition, Barkley will plant a tree in your honor with the American Forests' Global Releaf Program.

    How Our Paperless Transcripts Work
    You still receive a certified original version of the transcript sealed in an envelope.  But instead of receiving a hard copy of the transcript, you can go online and view and download a PDF or ASCII version of the transcript and exhibits.  You can print the transcript and exhibits, and cut and paste and download the transcript into the following programs:
    • Trial Director
    • Summation
    • Live Note
    • Sanction
    If a hard certified copy is later needed for trial, Barkley will provide that at no additional cost.

    Save An Additional $40
    When you order a paperless transcript, you will automatically save an additional $40 over ordering a regular transcript as you are not charged for the shipping, handling and CD production of  the hard copy. 

    Deal Terms
    1.  The $40 credit can only be used when you schedule a deposition and order a paperless PDF/ASCII transcript.

    2.  This deal is only open to attorneys who have never ordered a paperless transcript from us before.

    3.  You must use your credit by December 31, 2010.

    4.  Barkley has offices in the following cities and offers court reporters anywhere, both nationally and worldwide.
    5.  Your credit is transferrable provided the transferee would have been eligible to purchase this deal. 

    Please read GroupESQ's
    Terms of Use for more information.

    About The Company
    barkBarkley Court Reporters has been in business for over thirty-five years, our goal remains to be the preferred provider of court reporting and related services with which clients choose to do business, for whom people wish to work, and with whom competitors want to associate.

    Barkley provides the most experienced, technically trained reporters in the industry. Whether for a deposition, hearing, or testimony, Barkley will provide you the best reporter anytime, anywhere in the world. We specialize in multi-party, multi-jurisdiction and complicated cases.

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