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Aug 13, 2010
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The Deal
For $25, you will receive a $150 credit that can be used for any new mediation scheduled with ADR Services, Inc.
Basic Details
  • Good For New Mediations Only.
  • Must Use By Dec 31, 2011.
  • Fully Transferable.

  • ADR Services, Inc.
    Contact Information
    Dorene Kanoh, VP
    50 Fremont Street
    San Francisco, CA 94105
    (415) 772-0900
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    About This Deal
    When you purchase this deal for $25.00, you will receive a $150.00 credit voucher that you can use when you schedule a new mediation with ADR Services, Inc.  This credit is intended to fully cover the standard mediation Administrative Fee  which is $150.00. 

    Deal Valid For California Offices Only.  Not Valid in Las Vegas.

    Deal Terms

    1.  This deal is open to all persons, including past, current and new clients.  NOTE:  Your clients are eligible to purchase this credit.  For example, if you have 5 clients, then you can buy one for yourself that you can use with any client and your 5 clients can each buy one for themselves.  

    2.  Your credit voucher CANNOT be used for mediations that have already been scheduled and/or called-in.  In other words, if you have already called our office to arrange for a mediation, you cannot use this credit voucher to pay for this Administrative Fee.

    3.  Your credit voucher is fully transferrable.  See your credit voucher for
    instructions on how to transfer your credit.

    4.  You must schedule your mediation/arbitration by December 31, 2010.

    About The Company

    ADR Services, Inc. is a recognized leader in the dispute resolution field, with a tradition of enlisting the industry’s finest mediators and arbitrators. Our competitive pricing, efficient operation, and in-depth knowledge of the market are a few of the advantages we offer to our clients.


    Convenient Locations

    ADR Services, Inc. has five offices in the State of California:  San Francisco,  Century City, Los Angeles  Orange County, and San Diego. Each features uniquely decorated, comfortable conference rooms. In addition, we have the capacity to arrange for hearing facilities throughout the country.


    Our Dispute Resolution Professionals

    With a highly experienced panel consisting of more than one hundred retired judges and forty attorneys, our panelists have the experience and expertise to resolve disputes that arise in virtually every subject area. As a service to our clients, we maintain specialty panels of various areas of legal practice. Some of these areas include commercial contracts and general business, personal injury, real estate, employment, insurance, legal and medical malpractice, and many others.


    Our panelists have the ability to provide all forms of alternative dispute resolution including mediation, arbitration, fact-finding, private trials, discovery reference services and early neutral evaluation.


    Cost-Effective, Value-Added Dispute Resolution

    Great care is taken to ensure that we remain an extremely cost-effective service provider. All of our panelists are available at competitive rates, our admin fees are one-time and low, and there are no additional fees for multi-party cases or to use our comfortable conference facilities. We will also contact the parties and convene your matter for no additional charge. You can feel rest assured that all matters referred to our office receive the highest level of professional attention. A list of our panelists’ hourly rates and our fees may be found here.


    Unique Among ADR Providers

    Our expertise and knowledge of the marketplace distinguishes us from the competition. For many years the legal community has relied on us as its first point of reference when looking for assistance or a suggestion for a panelist. Due to our knowledge of the experience, background and expertise of our panelists, two-thirds of the time, one of our panelists is chosen based upon our recommendation.


    Highly Awarded Panel

    As a testament to the quality of our panelists, more panelists have been selected from ADR Services, Inc. than from any other provider firm in the following categories:


    Top 50 Neutrals 2009, Daily Journal – most in the State

    Top 40 Neutrals 2008, Daily Journal – most in Southern California

    Top 40 Neutrals 2007, Daily Journal – most in Southern California

    Top 30 Neutrals 2006, Daily Journal – most in the State
    Super Lawyers 2010, Los Angeles Magazine – most in Southern California

    Super Lawyers 2009, Los Angeles Magazine – most in Southern California

    Super Lawyers 2008, Los Angeles Magazine – most in Southern California

    Super Lawyers 2007, Los Angeles Magazine – most in Southern California
    Entertainment Power Mediators 2009, The Hollywood Reporter – most in Southern California
    Entertainment Power Mediators 2007, The Hollywood Reporter – most in Southern California

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